Time to Top-Up? Buy online instead of in-store during Lockdown!

During this global pandemic, people are urged not to leave their homes unless it is absolutely necessary. Unless you are an essential worker, most people are staying indoors except for when they need to get groceries from the nearest shop.

Along with food, data and airtime is still seen as a crucial purchase during these stressful times because it keeps us connected to family and friends and enables us to work from home. After analyzing SmartMobile’s customer behaviour during the lockdown period, we were surprised to see that over 60% of our customers are still topping up with vouchers purchased in-store.

We urge all South Africans, not only our customers, to start topping up online, either through a website or App, to reduce the possible exposure you could face by going to a shop. Of course, if you are topping up whilst doing your grocery shopping then that’s convenient, but be aware that the voucher is a physical piece of paper (till slip) and the virus can be transferred from handling objects.

Most network operators have both a website and App that you can purchase airtime or data from and topping up through these channels often offer you promotions too. Below we have listed the major networks and provided you with links to their website or App for you to make use of.


Network Website App Download Link
SmartMobile https://smartmobile.co.za/ http://bit.ly/SmartMobileApp (Android Only)
Vodacom https://www.vodacom.co.za/ https://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/services/app-store/my-vodacom-app
MTN https://wegotu.mtn.co.za/ https://www.mtn.co.za/pages/apps.aspx
Cell C https://www.cellc.co.za/cellc/home https://www.cellc.co.za/cellc/cellc-apps
Telkom https://secure.telkom.co.za/today/shop/personal/plans/ https://apps.telkom.co.za/alpha/public/login/public/login
FNB Connect https://www.fnb.co.za/fnb-connect/shop.html Internet Banking
Standard Bank Mobile https://mobile.standardbank.co.za/ Internet Banking