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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the prefix for SmartMobile phone numbers?

Our numbers start with 061,062,060,074 & 084. This may change as we are dependent on Cell C allocating cellphone numbers.

How do customers get hold of the SmartMobile Customer Service Team?

Simply call 135 from your SmartMobile SIM card. Connect to the Customer Service Team free of charge should you require assistance with your device (If calling from a SmartMobile SIM). This service is available between 07:00 – 20:00, Monday to Friday and from 08:00 – 13:00 on Saturdays. Our Public Holiday hours are from 08:00 – 17:00 Mon – Fri. If the client is not dialing from a SmartMobile SIM card, he / she can call 086 000 9579 for assistance.

Account enquiries

Simply call 135 from your SmartMobile SIM card and connect to the Customer Service Team free of charge. This service is available between 07:00 – 20:00 Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from 08:00 – 13:00. Our Public Holiday hours are from 08:00 – 17:00 Mon – Fri. If the client is not dialing from a SmartMobile sim card he / she can call 086 000 9579 for assistance.

When will the first debit order be taken off my account?

This is dependent upon delivery and activation of your account. If the customers contract is activated more than 4 days before the salary date, the first instalment will be deducted in the same month or alternatively on the next salary date and monthly thereafter.

Can a deal/package be changed in contract?

Unfortunately, you cannot change a deal once your SmartMobile contract has been activated.

Can SmartMobile customers roam locally on Cell C and how much does it cost?

Cell C and MTN have a roaming agreement in place where customers can roam across the 2 networks on voice and data at no extra tariff (the 99c a minute any network, anytime will still apply).

How do I check how much airtime or data bundles are left in my account?

You can check your airtime and data balance by visiting and logging into the customer profile section. You can also download the SmartMobile App from the Google Play store. You can also dial *140# from your SmartMobile SIM card. MTN, Vodacom and Cell C customers would need to use the relevant network’s USSD.

What is my PIN number?

Customers can call the Customer Service Department. The Customer Service Department will provide the customer with a PIN number or advise them how to change their PIN number.

How do I retrieve my voicemail?

Easy, just dial 132 yes/ok and listen to the voice prompts when calling from your SmartMobile SIM. Onbiller (MTN, Vodacom and Cell C) customers would need to use the relevant network’s voicemail contact number

How do I send a "please call me"?

Dial *111*cellphonenumber#. The recipient will then receive an SMS with the text, “Please call me” followed by your 061/074 telephone number. This is restricted to five free messages per day. Eg: *111*0841234567#

Does the airtime or data roll over?

Data expires 30 days after it has been loaded however customers can now extend the life of their data for 7 days by dialling *140#. MVNO customers can now transfer data bundles once per day to other MVNO Customers – this bundle will be valid for 14 days. Transfers & rollovers only apply to Data and not to airtime and minutes.

What happens after 24 months? Does the contract automatically go to pre-paid or does a customer call in to upgrade?

SmartMobile has a standard upgrade process for all customers where they will be contacted to upgrade their contract with us towards the end of their contract term.

Can I use my Airtime out of bundle?

Often referred to as “disappearing airtime”, MVNO customers will not experience this issue after 1 April 2019. Once your bundle has depleted, you will need to dial *140# and select “Manage Account” option – you can then opt in to use Out of Bundle rates at 99c should you wish to do so.

How do you convert airtime into data?

You can convert airtime to data on the SmartMobile website or App or simply dial *140# and follow the prompts.

Do I get a cheaper call rate if I make calls to other SmartMobile users?

SmartMobile offers a call rate of 99c per minute to any network at any time.

Is Facebook/Whatsapp free to use?

No, Facebook & Whatsapp are not free to use, this would use mobile data balances.

How do I Top Up if I need additional airtime or data?

SmartMobile customers should purchase Cell C airtime vouchers and dial *102*voucher number# or recharge with airtime/data online at or on the SmartMobile App. Customers using on-biller packages (MTN, Vodacom or Cell C) should purchase the relevant networks airtime vouchers and recharge using the relevant network’s USSD.

What rates do I get if I buy my own Top Up airtime or data?

SmartMobile Customers will still only pay 99c per minute to any network at anytime. When customers are using on-biller packages (MTN, Vodacom or Cell C) standard network rates will apply.

Can I buy any denomination of airtime or data to Top-Up?

Yes, any denomination of Airtime available can be purchased.

Where can I buy additional airtime or data?

SmartMobile network customers can recharge with airtime or data online at via Snapscan or i-Pay. You can also top-up using the SmartMobile App. Customers using the SmartMobile network can also purchase Cell C airtime vouchers. Customers using on-biller packages (MTN, Vodacom or Cell C) should purchase the relevant network’s vouchers.

Does SmartMobile have an emergency service?

Yes, if you are in an emergency dial 112 for free from any SmartMobile SIM card.

Does international roaming apply, and if so, at what international call rates?

We currently do not accommodate international roaming facilities.

What is the process to follow if my phone is lost or stolen?

Call the SmartMobile Customer Services Team on 086 000 9579 and request a block on your SIM card. Once the cell phone is blacklisted it is rendered useless on all networks. Report the crime to your nearest police station and get a case number.

Will SmartMobile replace a lost or stolen phone?

Unfortunately, SmartMobile does not compensate users for lost or stolen phones. Separate insurance must be considered from SmartCover should you wish to insure your handset. SmartCover will contact the customer within 30 days of activation to offer insurance as a separate installment.

Is the SmartMobile MVNO network 2G, 3G, 4G or LTE?

Currently the network is 3G and 4G/LTE. This is dependant on device, location and coverage.

Once accessing the SmartMobile website will data charges apply?

Yes, data charges will apply.

Can WhatsApp/social media bundles be purchased on SmartMobile like on other networks?

WhatsApp and social bundles cannot be purchased as of yet. We are looking into developing these products for our customers. 

Does SmartMobile offer "Number Portability"?

We currently do not offer porting as part of the SmartMobile network, however we do have dual SIM devices – all the benefits of two networks at the same time!

What is the cost per SMS on the SmartMobile network?

An SMS is 60c per SMS.

What is RICA and why is it important?

RICA stands for the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication Related Information Act 70 of 2002 and finally came into effect on 30 September 2005. Without the necessary documents required for RICA registration, SmartMoible is unable to deliver the customer’s SIM card / package and therefore the contract cannot be activated.

What are the requirements for a valid RICA address?

Customers will be required to show either their green barcoded ID book, certified copy of ID or valid passport (affidavids and drivers licences are not accepted) in order to successfully RICA their parcel in conjunction with proof of their residential address (utility bill not older than 3 months, rates bill, clothing account, telephone account, bank statement, etc.)